After penalty for hit on QB, ref told Joe Tryon, “I think we may have screwed that up”

Buccaneers first-round rookie Joe Tryon had an impressive debut in last week’s preseason game, but his biggest play, a sack of Bengals quarterback Brandon Allen, was called back by a penalty that the official who flagged it later told Tryon shouldn’t have been called.

Tryon was wearing a microphone during the game for a video produced by the Buccaneers, and the video shows umpire Roy Ellison approaching Tryon after the penalty to indicate he had seen a replay and shouldn’t have thrown the flag.

“That was a good play on the roughing the passer,” Ellison told Tryon.

“I didn’t mean to hit him like that,” Tryon replied.

“I think we may have screwed that up,” Ellison admitted.

Although there was some contact between Tryon’s helmet and Allen’s helmet, the hit appeared to be a fairly ordinary example of a quarterback sack. The kind of play the Buccaneers hope Tryon will make often, and hope the officials don’t flag.